Studio Renovation/Decoration Part 1

September 23, 2016

I finally got around to designing my studio space, a year after moving into our house.  The space was pretty boring, seeing as how it still had the ugly flat builder beige paint on the walls.  Nothing was organized and everything was a pretty big mess:

The first thing I wanted to do was paint, obviously, but I also wanted to get a good sturdy sewing desk.  This old makeshift desk I put together using a scrap piece of wood from Ikea.  It was great because it was long and skinny, but when I start sewing fast, that desk jiggled just about as much as I do when I try to run!  Enter my crazy idea to make my own desk!  I started with 5 pieces of lumber from a lumber yard, my neighbor helped me glue, clamp and seal them all together.  

And after a lot of sanding and staining, and 6 clear coats, I think it looks pretty good.

Kevin always thinks he's going to help with the painting...

I saw this beautiful wallpaper on a blog about a year ago, and it took me that whole year to finally find it!  It's by Thibaut, and I found it at a Benjamin Moore Paint Store.  Wallpapering is not for the faint of heart!  It was so hard, and I'm glad it's over with now!

Check out my next post for all the AFTER pictures!

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