2" Hem, But Why?

August 18, 2016

Some of you might have noticed in my product descriptions that everything says it features a 2" hem.  And most of you might not know, or care, why I do that.  Well, I'll explain it to you.

Have you ever bought a cute dress that you were so excited about because maybe it had sleeves, or maybe it was your favorite color, or just the right print.  But after wearing it around you realize its just a little too short for comfort.  Then you have the idea to ask your friend who sews, to let out the hem.  Only, you take it off, just to discover the hem is only a 1/2" hem.  So much for that idea.

How about this one.  Are any of you aware that Mormon sister missionaries (girl missionaries) have to wear dresses that cover their knees when they are sitting as well as standing?  Now that's a dress that'll be hard to find.  

So here's my 2" hem!  It can be let out if you are 5' 10" and need another inch or two, and if you're a sister missionary, and you need this dress to cover you knees at all times, this makes the perfect dress for you.

And if you just a regular 5' 6" gal like me, it's prefect the way it is.

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