A Dress in a Day

December 30, 2016

About a month ago, the husband of a good friend of mine asked me to custom make her a dress for Christmas.  She wanted a black nursing dress since she's currently 7 months pregnant, and loves the color black.

I told him it would be no problem as long as I'd have extra black fabric from the last dress that I had just sent to the cutter.  Luckily there was extra fabric, so I gave him the thumbs up.

But due to that fabric not being available for a while, I picked it up the day before we left for Christmas vacation.  Our travels were a mess with delayed flights, canceled flights, getting home at 4am, etc etc etc.  Anyway, I started the dress at 10am on Christmas Eve, and I was determined to get it done.  The last thing I wanted was to ruin his Christmas surprise for his wife.

So, I sewed for almost 5 hours straight.  I didn't mind it either.  Grandma was here to keep my little 3 (going on 13) year old girl happy, and my husband brought me food and drinks throughout those 5 hours.  

My darn sewing machine and serger started acting up when I was almost done though, so you might see a few faces being pulled in this time lapse video.  

It really makes me look amazing, don't worry, in real life, I'm a lot slower.  Obviously there's a lot of sewing that got left out of the video (I think my phone died) but you get the idea!  Enjoy!

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