And then there were 4 (or five if you count the cat)

August 07, 2017 1 Comment

And then there were 4 (or five if you count the cat)

I love hearing other women's birth stories, so I decided to write about mine.  

Seeing as how I design and make women's dresses for a career, I was thrilled when the ultrasound tech told me we'd be having another girl!  I only have an older sister, so I'm not even sure I'd know what to do with a little baby boy, although I'm sure I'd figure it out.

My pregnancy this time wasn't any easier than the first one, but I try not to complain too much because I know it could be so much worse.  I was very weak/tired and sick for the first 20 weeks, all while dealing with a constant sore throat and cold up until about 6 months! After that cleared up, my daughter got sick with some sort of flu bug and I was sent to the hospital for monitoring because baby's heart rate was high.  (We're smiling, but neither of us feel very good!)

Baby turned out to be fine, but I got the flu from Afton, AND bronchitis that landed me in an urgent care center because I literally couldn't breathe!  Sleeping at night was the worst, and I ended up buying one of these because sleeping on my stomach was the only way to breathe, and even that wasn't the best.

At about month 8 I started to feel so much better!  But at this point I was so tired and large and uncomfortable.  But I was so grateful to not be sick anymore.  My first daughter arrived on her due date, so I was fully expecting to go to or over my due date with this one. Two days before I was due, I spent a couple hours in the doctor's office doing a non-stress test while managing a few work related calls.  The verdict?  "She's happy as a peach in there!"

After leaving the office, I went to my friend's house to pick up my daughter.  I started feeling super crummy, aches and chills and a bad headache.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch hoping I wasn't getting sick again.

The next morning I felt better, but had a few slights pains in the morning.  My husband had already left for work and was on the train downtown.  I called him and asked him to come back and work from home just in case something did happen.  The rest of the morning, I slowly started noticing very small, very short contractions.  At about 2:30pm we decided to head to the hospital.  We walked in and I said to the nurses "Hi, I'm here to have my baby."  They all looked at me really funny because I did not look at all like I was in labor.  It was the middle of the day so I had a cute outfit on, my hair was done and I had makeup on.  They asked if I was having contractions, then they asked if my water had broken, and still didn't believe that I was actually in labor.  They reluctantly took me to a room to put me on a monitor.  The nurse said  "Oh, you are having contractions, that was a big one!"  "Duh" I thought!  I must have been good at hiding my pain! 

So I was admitted, and my midwife showed up.  I was only dilated to a five, so my husband I walked the halls for another couple hours.  The midwife broke my water and after that, contractions started to come on pretty hard.  I spent a lot of time on the birthing ball, which was a lot better than lying in bed.  I ate a popsicle but that was a bad idea because I ended up throwing it all up!

My first daughter came after only 20 minutes at the hospital, and only 4 hours of labor, so this was a really different experience for me.  Needless to say, there was no time for an epidural with my first, so I had her naturally, which I was not expecting nor was I prepared for.  This time, I chose to do it naturally again because I knew I could do it.  It was still the most painful thing I could ever imagine but this time I knew what to expect, and I was mentally prepared for it, which made a huge difference! (That and my awesome midwife who massaged me back through contractions!)

While I was going to the bathroom, I felt the need to push and my midwife told me to make it stop and I yelled "I can't!"  So she yelled to the nurses "I NEED A PAIR OF GLOVES IN HERE!"  That super freaked me out so I did everything I knew to make the pushing stop!  There was no way I was having a baby on the toilet!  I got up and started to wash my hands (what was I thinking?) but my midwife said "nope, don't even worry about that, we've gotta get you back to the bed and start pushing!"

And after about 5 pushes, little Adele Marlene was here!  My mom started to cry when she saw this picture, she was so proud of me, and that made me feel so good.  She said "look at that bead of sweat running down your neck!  You were working so hard to get her here!"  She understood what I went through as she had me at home with a midwife!  Both my nurses and my midwife told me they were very impressed with how well I handled it all.  Of course I didn't feel like I handled it very well.  In fact, at one point I even screamed "so much pain" which makes me crack up now!  What did I think that was going to do!

I'm not sure where I got Adele, we didn't really name her after the singer, I just liked the name.  BUT, Adele is a beautiful singer, and not too bad of a role model either.  I like her because she's almost always wearing a modest dress.  And I like the fact that she isn't concerned about being stick skinny.  We are using the middle name of Marlene because it's a mix of Margie and Jilene, her beautiful grandmothers.

We love you little miss Adele Marlene!

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August 07, 2017

Congratulations again Chalise! So exciting! We’re having our first in December – it’s a girl and we couldn’t be more excited =) I hope for an unmediated birth as well. Thank you so much for sharing XO

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