DIY Norwegian Holiday Gnomes

December 06, 2018

DIY Norwegian Holiday Gnomes

Every year I host an ornament exchange party for friends and neighbors and it is always so much fun to see everyone's creativity.  Every year I try to come up with something unique and fun for me to make, because I'm a creative and basically always have to have a project going on. 

I've seen some cute gnomes in all the home decor stores this time of year and I've pretty much fallen in love with them!  So this year I decided to make some little gnome ornaments.  I scoured Pinterest for how-to videos and was pretty discouraged with what I found.  So, I sort of made up my own!  I hope it helps you if you're wanting to make some of your own for holiday decor! 

Here's what you'll need:

1. Pattern (download mine for free here)

2. Socks or old sweaters (the more texture the better)

3. Some slightly stretchy double knit in a neutral color for the body

4. Faux fur fabric 

5. Nude or peach fabric for the nose, it also helps if its a little stretchy

6. Batting

7. Something to tie off your body and nose with (I used 1/8" elastic)

8. Hot glue and glue gun

9. Sewing machine

10. Pins

11. Scissors

12. Pencil or something pointy

13. Exacto knife

14. Rice

I figured a video would be the best way for me to show you how I put these together!  A little different than sewing cute dresses, but I still had fun making them!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just have "gnome" idea where to start! 

Happy Holidays!


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