Hand Picking

August 05, 2016

So, you hear it all the time.  "Hand picked."  Well, here's what I mean by that.  When I was in fashion design school, I finished my textiles class with a 4" binder full of as many different fabrics as we could learn about in 4 months.  And since then I've learned that those 4" was only the tip of the iceberg!


There are so many different fibers, so man different ways of weaving/knitting, and so many different weights of fabric.  This makes it necessary (for me at least) to feel, touch, stretch and sew with these fabrics before I go ahead with them in a design.  And yes, even after all of that, sometimes I decide it's not the right fabric for the design.  (that's what happened with the Kyra dress)  

Anyway, I've attended many fabric expos in NYC, Dallas, and Miami and this is where wholesale vendors set up booths with rows and rows of their available fabrics in small pieces so that you can touch, feel, stretch all you want!  And the best part is, they will write down all the swatches you like, and send you free samples in the mail.  To me this is like writing down my Christmas wish list, and having it come in the mail a couple weeks later!

From there, I take an even closer look at these swatches I've gotten in the mail, and get really picky until I have the line all picked out.  So yeah, these fabrics really are hand picked...because I'm picky! 

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