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October 10, 2016

I've had a lot of comments recently about the prices of my dresses and while I agree they are higher than some, I feel like my dresses are worth their price tag and here's why:

How many of you have purchased an item that you loved, only to wear it a couple times and wash it, and it comes out looking like a completely different item of clothing.  Not only does it look different, but it feels different and it fits differently as well.  This is because we live in a time where "fast fashion" is how companies are making money.  They produce as much as they possible can, for as little cost as they possibly can and shove it in your face hoping you'll buy everything simply because it's cheap, and because, well, why not!  

This is where I'm different.  I only produce small quantities of each dress because I want to focus on quality instead of quantity.  And I chose to produce in the USA because these smaller factories welcome smaller orders like mine.  And because it's a smaller order, it means they can pay more attention to detail as well.


Unfortunately, manufacturing in the USA is more expensive per item than say China or India.  But I'm ok with that because it means your dress won't look different after a few months.  The fabric is better quality, the side seams won't twist on you (because my cutter pays close attention to lining the fabrics up straight before cutting) and you'll feel great in the dress time after time.

And since manufacturing somewhere else was not an option I was willing to consider, I decided early on that I wasn't going to stick with the suggested markup that is the fashion industry standard.  I'd rather make less money, and give you a quality dress, than join the fast fashion club!  

Happy dress shopping!

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