Price Transparency

September 27, 2017

Price Transparency

Hey everyone!  This is a post a lot of people might read who don't know much about me or my company so here's a mini intro:

 Hi, I'm Chalise, the designer and founder of Modique, LLC.  I started sewing when I was young, doing doll clothes and Halloween costumes.  Then when my sister was in high school, she asked me to sew her prom dresses.  Why?  Because we had higher standards than most growing up, and she wanted something with sleeves.

I started noticing that fashionable, modest dresses were hard to find, and since I loved to sew, I went to fashion design school so that I could start my own dress line. My knowledge of sewing helped tremendously in school, and I currently do all the pattern making and sample sewing myself.  Because I'm still a one-woman shop, I'm able to hand pick the fabrics, zippers and buttons etc etc.  I care a lot about quality.  To me, there's nothing worse than purchasing something online, dreaming about it for a few days until it comes, then when you open that package, you realize it's a lot cheaper in real life than it looked online.  I am tired of spending money on something, no matter how much, and having it fall apart or get holes in it after a couple wears or washes.  That to me is a waste.

Anyway, down to the real reason I'm writing this post.  I get a lot of comments on my pricing.  Some people say the price is just right, sometimes lower than they think my stuff is worth, but I'm mostly get comments saying it's so expensive.  Don't get me wrong, I like a great deal as much as the next girl, but like I said earlier, I'm growing to value quality more and more.  And I think that's what makes the difference in your opinion on my pricing.  It all depends on how much you value quality.  

Now, just because you value quality, does not mean you can afford it all the time.  And that's ok.  I do not expect everyone and their daughter to be able to afford one of my dresses.  There are times in life when I can't even afford them!  BUT, I do expect people to respect the price, and I want everyone to understand what goes into making my dresses.  (I personally think we'd all be a lot more patient, forgiving, understanding if we knew what it was like to work that job, or make that item etc, but usually we are clueless.)

That's why this post is called price transparency.  I've put together a few charts that show exactly what goes into each dress and how much it costs.  This is the breakdown of an average $100 dress.  

So basically, it costs me anywhere from $30-$50 to get a dress made from start to finish.  The more complicated the design, the more expensive it is to sew, especially if it has a lining because that's like sewing two dresses then putting them together.  Just try to think of how much you'd like to get paid to sew a complicated dress.  It's someone's job to sew these dresses, it's how they feed their family, and they're in the U.S. so I don't pay them dirt for their incredible talent.  (sewing is hard!)

Now here's what comes out of my profits:

Using this $100 dress as an example, I'm now down to about $50 profit per dress.   But wait, there's more!  I have monthly expenses that go into running a business that no one really thinks about: (I didn't include things like the cost of wifi internet, taxes, credit card fees, accounting, electricity to keep my lights and power on, cost of repairs to my sewing machines, oh man I could go on forever but I won't.)  Here are the big ones:

So, as you can see I'm not in this to become a millionaire or to rip you off as my customer!  I'm here to provide cute, fashionable dresses that are also good quality and that will last you for quite a few years!

I hope this helps anyone questioning my prices understand why they are the way they are.  Yes, you can buy something cheaper from somewhere else probably.  But understand, you might get what you pay for!

Have a great day!



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