Shopping Online...Love it or hate it?

June 04, 2018

Shopping Online...Love it or hate it?

Who else has a love/hate relationship with online shopping besides me?  On one hand, you can find much better products with a much wider variety online than you can in a store.  But on the other hand, most of the time when I order something online it doesn't end up being at all what I thought it would be.  

For instance, I ordered a floral dress from an online boutique a few months ago just so I could compare it to my own product and see how I was doing.  I also because I wanted a dress that for once, I didn't make or at least design.  So, the dress arrived.  The colors were way different from what was pictured online, the side seam of the skirt came up a lot higher than I could have ever guessed (because there were only a couple pictures of the item, and they were not adequate enough to show that) and I was very disappointed with the fabric. 

You see, I'm a fabric snob these days because I've been through whole semesters of classes JUST on fabric.  Plus, now that I've been sewing for so many years, I've seen how different types of fabrics wear and tear.  I like to do experiments on different types of fabrics to see how they wash and in what conditions will they change shape or color.  These days the latest trend in fabric is a double brushed polyester knit.  Thanks to Lulu Roe's leggings starting the trend with this fabric, you can find almost any print in this so I can see why everyone is using it.  BUT, it's the worst!  Sure it's soft, but it doesn't wash/wear very well at all.  It starts to look dingy and faded and fuzzy too quickly for my liking.  Plus it's pretty thin.  I really want more structure to my clothing, dresses especially.

So back to online shopping, needless to say I sent the dress back (which was a pain of course) and was happy to learn that the dresses I make are a notch above.  Anyway, I've always tried to portray my items online the best I could so that people didn't feel this same way about my dresses when they order online, but after this experience, I've tried to think of more ways to do better at this.

I try to give you lots of pictures of the dress, in different situations. I feel like most online boutiques give you two or maybe three pictures of the item and that just isn't enough to be able to tell what exactly you're getting.  I also try to photograph every angle of the dress so there won't be any surprises (like a skirt too short to be comfortable in.)  I make sure my photographers don't change the hue in their editing so that the colors look different from what they are in real life.  I'll also be rolling out a brand new and awesome return system that will not only be easy for you the customer, but will also give me feedback so that I can continue to make my product better.  More on that later.

For right now, I want to introduce to you my swatch program.  Whenever you buy fabric online, usually you can order a swatch of it first before you waste money and time and get fabric you end up hating.  Let's be honest, there are SO many different types of fabrics and weights and colors and fibers that half the time the description really doesn't help much.  So, I've decided to start a swatch program of my own.  So if you're browsing my site, you'll see a little link on the product page that says "order a swatch of this fabric" and I'll send you a little square of the exact fabric that dress is made out of.  No more guessing on color, feel, weight, stretch etc.  Best of all, it's free.  Yep, I'm not going to charge you for this.  The cost of postage is on me!

If you guys have anymore suggestions for me on how I can make online ordering easier and more comfortable for you, let me know!  


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