The perfect diaper bag

August 08, 2017

The perfect diaper bag

Before I had Adele, I started searching for the perfect diaper bag.  The one I previously had with Afton was a Petunia Pickle Bottom and had been basically trashed!  And I also didn't feel like I could fit very much in there, so it's been needing to be replaced.

Since I already have a four year old, I needed one with at least two places for water bottles, one for me and one for her.  And it also needed to have a place for snacks. Lastly I wanted a backpack wearing feature so that I could be hands free.

I ordered this one from Leader Bag Co. because I thought the bags were really cute and I loved the fact that it came with a little zippered pouch, which I was planning to use to hold diapers and wipes (so that I could grab something small when only a simple diaper change was needed.)  Such a good idea! 

When I got it in the mail I really liked it except for the fact that that the lining was black! I started to pack it up and realized I couldn't see where anything was!  So I sent it back.  If a black lining doesn't bother you though, I'd totally recommend this bag!  It was way cute.

I ordered this one from Newlie.  It's very cute, had a backpack option, AND it had an insulated pocket inside for snacks!  Genius!  Every diaper bag needs that, especially if you're a mom of a baby, and older kids!

But after using it for a couple weeks, I noticed that because the pockets for water bottles were on the inside, I ended up not having too much more room inside the bag and was stuffing it to the brim, making it hard to zip shut.  And because I never took the time to force it shut, I never wanted to use it as a backpack, and that's really what I wanted. So, I sent it back as well.  BUT, if you like the shoulder bag/handbag look, this one is perfect!

I know the Fawn Design bags are super popular, and I like them for the most part, but I don't like the way they look when they are worn as a backpack.  The top part creases and has a slouchy look to it, and I prefer a more structured look. 

So if you like this style of diaper bag, but are like me and want something a little different, check out Azaria, Kiki Lu Designs, and littlefoxdesigns.  They all have similar backpack style bags with a few subtle differences that you might like. 

I just ordered this bag from the UK from a company called KeriKit, I know it's really expensive (saved up birthday money) but it looks like it has everything I want and need.  Plus it's not that much more than a Lily Jade bag, and I've heard great things about those.  It hasn't arrived yet, so when it does, I'll post an update, but I'm super excited!

If there's one thing I've learned from owning my own women's dress clothing company, it's that you can't please everyone.  No one thing will work for everyone!  All these diaper bags that I've posted about that didn't work for me, might be just perfect for someone else.  That's why we're all able to be successful as companies.  What we have to offer, whether it be cute dresses with sleeves, or diaper bags, it will be perfect for someone!


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