The Sarah Dress

May 11, 2012

This dress I plan to include in my first collection. I'm sorry that two very wonderful ladies have to share this dress, but it's not my fault that two of the most wonderful women in my life were both named Sarah. : )  The first Sarah I met while living in California.  She was such a cute lady, was a wonderful mother to her three beautiful children, and was such a great friend to me through thick and thin.  She was a great example to me.  I'm sad I don't live close to her anymore, so  I don't talk to her often.  The second Sarah I met while visiting Chicago as a possible location for grad school for Steve. She is also a wonderful example to me because she not only lovingly raises two young darling boys, but she is always so positive about life.  She enjoys every moment, and thanks our Father in Heaven for everything little blessing in her life, even the ones that don't appear to be blessings right away.  I love you my wonderful Sarahs!

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