A giant thank you to all those that I have worked with to make my dream of Modique dresses a reality!


Alia Preston (Little Mrs Priss): blog post instagram

Tazia Lynne: blog post instagram Modest Dresses under $100

Modest Goddess: blog post instagram

Sarah Tripp (Sassy Red Lipstick): blog post instagram

Emma Cristy: blog post instagram

Modestly Gabi: instagram

Camille Whiting (Friday We're in Love): website instagram

Jillian Romriell (Treasures and Tantrums): website instagram


Joshua Albanese: website 

Emily Thornton: website instagram

Rebecca Borg: website instagram


Willow Star: website instagram

JJ Babbra: instagram

Analisa Wilson: instagram

Allison Strickland: instagram

Lacie Tulin: instagram

Clara Cummings: instagram

Nichole Olson: instagram

Harlie Meyer: instagram

Size Chart

Find your perfect size of Modique dress by following this measurement guide:

For the Criscell Dress, please use the following Size Chart: Criscell Dress Size Chart