Modique Introduction - Video Transcript

Modique Introduction

Chalise: Modique is fashion without compromise

When I was a little girl, I started sewing mostly doll clothes. And when my sister and I were in high school, she was shopping for a prom dress and could not find one that she liked and she asked me to sew one for her.

So I went to fashion design school and decided that I wanted to start my own line.

A lot of women these days don’t feel confident and I want to try and change that by giving them an item of clothing that makes them feel great so they can walk out the door and feel confident.

Nicole: I love the way that I feel when I’m wearing my dress. I feel comfortable. It’s modern and feminine and I feel great when I’m wearing my dress.

Chalise: So I shop for fabrics in Miami, Dallas, New York. I’ve even gone to Paris and Rome. The fabric has so much to do with the quality of the item.

Katie: I just really love the durable fabrics [and] the way they make you look and feel. She really takes a lot of time to make sure that it is going to work for individuals like myself.

Chalise: I am the one that’s designing the dress. I’m the one that’s sewing the sample. And I wear it myself. And if it’s not comfortable on me, then I change it so that it is comfortable. I take that design, and I personally hand it to my manufacturer. And I personally carry these large 30-pound rolls of fabric to him. I’m able to pay a lot closer attention to detail.

Sabrina: I can wear it to work and it’s very professional. I get many compliments. I really love the fabric; it’s such good quality. I think when you wear the dress it speaks for itself.

Chalise: We live in a day and age where fast fashion is all around us. Stores focus on quantity instead of quality and I want to be the exact opposite. I want this dress to last you because it is made well. And it’s made by a real woman sitting at a sewing machine, threading that machine with the exact color of thread that matches your dress. It’s very personal to them; it’s their job, it’s what they have done their whole life, and it’s very personal to me.

When you get a dress from me in the mail, I want you to feel like it’s Christmas morning again. I want you to be so excited to put on that dress. And I want you to feel like it was a good friend making you a custom piece.

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